Little Kingdom

3 -5 Years
The relationship the rising 3’s and preschool have is something special, free play continues in this room with some focused group activities to begin to introduce a little more structure before they join our pre-school room, allowing for children to interact and engage in new relationships naturally and begin to develop those focused listening and attention skills.

We encourage activeness in both a physical and mental sense, with children beginning to able to activate choice and tackle daily tasks with ease, be this self-serving, personal hygiene or responsibility for possessions. Some children will require further potty training in this room, so it gives them a little more time to practise using the toilet independently, but support is always there.

We endeavour to encourage expanding minds to develop further in an educational setting with friendly staff, but clear safe limits so that your child’s confidence and independence grows and their learning journey excels, readying them for preschool and beyond.

The children access learning opportunities inside and outside to stimulate learning through different environments to encourage a new sense of growing independence and exciting new skills to learn.

Before they are ready to leave our Little Kingdom, every child is confident in recognition of belongings and pride in looking after them, engaging in all activities and understanding the basics of classroom life ready to make a big jump into preschool, Enchanted Forest.