Children may fall victim to a variety of different illnesses whilst at home or at nursery so here is some information to assist you when identifying these.

Once Upon A Time values each child’s health and we have a duty to protect ourselves and children from infection when children are at nursery. Children are encouraged to wash their hands regularly and practice good hygiene and toys and equipment are regularly sterilised and cleaned. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, some children will pick up illnesses, many of which are contagious even before they display symptoms. Because of this we enforce strict exclusion periods for children suffering from certain illnesses or symptoms to reduce risk of cross-infection within the nursery, both towards other children and our parents and employees. 

We have provided the above links with information about the various illnesses children can incur during their time at nursery. We have up to date information on symptoms and treatments with reccomendations if and when you should consult your doctor. 

Please note that children who are taking antibiotics cannot attend nursery for the first 24 hours of treatment.