Little kingdom

3 - 5 years
Our Pre-school 

At age three, children move to the Little Kingdom.

In our Pre-School room  we prepare children for their transition to Primary school. We work closely with your child to build confidence and independence as we prepare your child for their next chapter. We stay in contact with local schools inviting teachers in before their transition period to ensure it is a smooth one.

Our Pre-School team are trained to create opportunities for play and learning to help your child’s all round development. They are skilled in talking sensitively to children. By getting to know your child well, staff work, with parents and carers to lay the foundations for learning.

The Pre-School team will plan a balanced programme of activities and experiences in line with the 3-5 Curriculum Guidelines, to enable children to become successful learners.

Your child will experience a wide range of learning opportunities and experiences.

An increased interest in collaborative play such as make-believe, construction and games helps children to learn the important social skills of sharing and cooperating. Children also learn about helping adults in everyday activities and finding a balance between independence and complying with the wishes of others. Children still need the comfort and security of special people. Close, warm relationships with adults form the basis for much learning, such as encouraging children to make healthy choices in food and exercise. At this stage children are becoming more aware of their place in a community. Literacy and numeracy can develop rapidly with the support of a wide range of interesting materials and activities. Children’s language is now much more complex, as many become adept at using longer sentences. Conversations with adults become a more important source of information, guidance and reassurance.

Learning and Development

The  Little Kingdom is age appropriate and planned by the practitioners to allow flexibility by the children as they follow their own child focused learning. The outdoors and our very own allotment gives the Little Kingdom first hand contact with weather, seasons and the natural world.

The 2-5 year olds have their own garden area and regular outdoor play is an important feature. The outdoor environment offers the children opportunities for doing things in different ways and on different scales than when indoors. The outdoor area reflects indoor planning ensuring each child has learning opportunities both indoors and outdoors. They also have access to bikes, trikes, balls and a range of safe and fun outdoor equipment. 

The older children also have access to our specially designed outdoor classroom, this will provide shelter and further learning opportunities for your child whatever the weather.